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DNS Tools

 DNS Lookup 

Enter the address to resolve:
DNS Lookup:    
Perform a DNS lookup against the root DNS server. Similar to dig and nslookup.

 Reverse DNS 

Enter the address to resolve:
IP Address:
Perform a reverse DNS lookup on the given IP address.


Enter the domain to lookup:
Perform a whois lookup on the given domain.

Email Tools

 Test Email Servers 

Enter the address to test:
Email Address: Enter an email address. Please wait for the test as it can take upto 2 minutes.

 Open Relay Test 

Enter the SMTP server:
SMTP Server:

Tests a mail server for an open relay. Spammers use open relays to increase the chance of the message being delivered..

 Anti-Spam Blacklist 

Enter the address to lookup:
IP Address:
Anti-Spam database lookup tools. This tool checks 30 or more blacklists (DNSBLs) for the IP address entered.Search is very fast and will only take about 10 seconds..

 Send email as some one else 

Enter the address to lookup:
This tool will send an email to each on the of the mail exchangers setup in DNS using the supplied from and to addresses. Use this tool to check email blocking by address or domain. To prevent abuse, your IP address and details will be included in the email...

Web Tools

 Speed Test 

Domain: This tool will download your homepage and tell you how fast it was downloaded.


IP Address / Hostname:
Port Scan will now attempt to open several common ports on the address entered. The results of these attempts will be displayed on this page as Open or Closed.
This tool will only take about 60 seconds to run.

 Get a Web Server Type 

Enter the address to check:
Web Server Address:
Enter the address of a web server and we will tell you the application serving it.

Network Tools


Enter the address to ping:
Ping host:
Performs 3 icmp pings to the host entered from our network. It could be any type of host like webhosting, etc.

 Trace Route 

Enter the address to Trace Route:
Trace route to host:
Performs a trace route to the host entered from our network.

Other Tools

 Random Password 

Number of Characters:
This tool will generate a random password.

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